Create voicemail / answering machine announcements with text to speech

Customers prefer direct contact and are too quick to classify the answering machine as a stopgap solution, but...

The voicemail / answering machine as a rare emergency solution?

Customers prefer direct contact and are too quick to classify the answering machine as a stopgap solution. This "stopgap solution" can become more. A professional approach reaches the target group. The answering machine can be used to convey information that acoustically signals to the target group when the business hours for direct contact are. In this way, callers know when they can successfully call a second time. If all telephone lines are busy, the answering machine is used to present professionally selected music to the listeners. The sound is trimmed so that it acoustically reaches the waiting target group. Music creates an emotional connection to the waiting people, who subjectively get the feeling that the waiting time passes quickly. Instead of the dial tone, one of the GEMA-free music titles is played so that the emotional side of the target group is addressed.

Modern High Definition Sound as acoustic standard.

The format of the song with the High Definition Sound can be freely selected, an MP3 file is basically supplied as a reference. The top priority is the euphony of the voice recorded there in combination with the intelligibility of the speech. None of the demanding customers should guess what is being played at the other end of the line. Clear and distinct recordings in high definition sound are presented as a reliable standard. Professional announcements leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality. An answering machine makes sense when there is a rush of customers on the phone that needs to be intercepted. Stressful work phases of this kind are reduced if customers are so pleasantly entertained by the high definition sound that they perceive the waiting loop as acoustically pleasant and are informed in between that an interlocutor will be available in a few minutes. Senselessly "ringing" for a long time without knowing if and when it will continue is avoided thanks to modern technology. Customer loss could be the consequence if no one knows whether personal availability will be restored in the foreseeable future.

Delivering direct help through the voicemail / answering machine?

Delivering help in the direct form will not work with the answering machine, but until the direct help answers the phone, the answering machine with the VoiceOverMaker announcement is a bridge. After the professional announcement, the device provides valuable information about when the desired interlocutor will have time. The pre-sorting of the caller's wishes saves time for both sides; after the pre-selection, the chance of immediately reaching the appropriate interlocutor is increased by 100 percent. Waiting on hold has a practical added value that, for example, by sorting the caller's wishes, offers advantages to both sides. Not every customer has the extension to the suitable interlocutor, the use of the waiting loop with the preselection and softer music in the background brings after the end of the waiting loop immediately both sides together without further waiting periods with the connecting. Searched and found, the answering machine creates the emotional connection to the target group through the sound of the professional voice, which is otherwise demotivated by the dial tone.

After the first signal, the professional announcer starts immediately.

One dial tone is enough, then the caller can immediately enjoy the VoiceOverMaker professional announcer's voice. Background music fades into the background, the focus is on the speech by the professional announcer. The on-hold loop is not used for dierent advertising, factual company information is the focus of the announcement. Friendly and informative, the professional announcers come closer to the customers acoustically. When will the company be available again? During the company vacations, such information is the bridge to the customers, who are informed in a factual manner instead of hearing the dial tone during business hours. A substitution for the time of the operating vacations can be arranged with the offer of the Weiterschaltung. Clichés such as the announcement to get back to the customer as soon as possible after the call must be avoided. The time window is too large, the customers can be satisfied only by a firmly delimited date. Thanking the customer for the call rounds off the conversation with professional VoiceOverMaker speakers.

Dialogues or monologues on the voicemail / answering machine?

Tolerant listeners find a slight accent human and pleasant if the intelligibility of the announcement is maintained. Prescribing and re-reading the announcement text increases authenticity; the listeners are reached by the fluent-sounding announcement with the clear voice on the answering machine. Necessary changes can be made afterwards by the professional voiceover announcers, so that the majority of the listeners have no problems understanding. Absolute silence during the recording of the announcement text is important, otherwise the listeners will listen more to the background noise than to the professional speaker. The selected text is spoken on the tape without interruptions; any interruption is an unwanted and avoidable distraction. People with speech problems or with hearing problems are afraid of the answering machine because a direct dialogue with the understanding of the listener's peculiarities is not possible. Linguists such as Rainer Knirsch fear that it is possible that every third conversation with an answering machine is terminated prematurely and without result. Telephone conversations have certain specifications that can be partially transferred to the answering machine. If the customer is offered a choice at the beginning of the call between the VoiceOverMaker information greeting and the greeting followed by a message, the hang-up rates are minimized. People who complain about speech anxiety and do not want to speak on the answering machine because they stutter, for example, can use the pure VoiceOverMaker announcements of the professional speakers. The professional announcement immediately lets them know when they can be reached again and they can do without speaking to the answering machine as a customer with speech problems.

Avoid speech errors or repetitions on the voicemail / answering machine?

In a casual conversation between friends, people with speech problems have less difficulty than when the announcement is made after the professional speaker has spoken. The professionalism of the experienced speaker alone, who makes the announcement on the answering machine, can have a demotivating effect on the caller with language problems. After the perfect sounding announcement, the caller with the intermittent speech problems should make their announcement. The pressure of the perfect formatting of the coming announcement by the customer increases, some hang up then simply desperately. The speech of the professional VoiceOverMaker speaker should sound good, but remain natural. High-quality VoiceOverMaker speakers manage the acoustic balancing act of speaking clearly and convincingly without sounding arrogant or pretentious. Inhibited callers are put off by arrogant-sounding voice professionals. To be judged not speech-competent, only because the previous speaker is a professional speaker, that would like to avoid the customers without speech experience when speaking on the answering machine and hang up. The exchange with the answering machine should not be fearful, warm-hearted professional VoiceOverMaker speakers manage to demonstrate professionalism and perfection without arrogance on the answering machine and do not scare away customers who do not speak perfectly.