Automatically Translate, Transcribe your Videos and Audios with Speech to Text and Text to Speech

Transcription and Translation for Videos

Example of translate a video with VoiceOverMaker

Let's not talk too much about automatic video translation, here is an example showing a video that was automatically translated with VoiceOverMaker. You can have your videos translated into many languages. In the example, an English video was translated into German.

Original video in english

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Translated, localized video into german

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How to translate your video?

With AI-powered video localization, translate your videos automatically into any language, online. Check out our tutorial video how to transcribe the video with audio to text and see how the video will automatically dubbed with text to speech.

  • 1.
    Select your video

    Just drag and drop, it couldn’t be easier. You can use mp4 or WebM!

  • 2.

    Choose your language and click on transcribe! After transcription you can see the audio transcription for each sentences.

  • 3.

    Customize the text individually. Choose a language and click on translate.

  • 4.
    Create voices

    Select a voice in your desired language and click on create voices. The voices will be created and dubbed with your video.

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Powerful Transcription Features

Online Video and Audio Transcription

With VoiceOverMaker you can automatically transcribe your video and audio. Download them as .txt files, or even create .WebVTT subtitle files.

Easy to edit

If you want to change a word, spelling then you can. Each line is time-stamped and easy to edit. Just click and type.

Different Languages

You can use VoiceOverMaker to translate the transcription into any language, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and many more!

Translated Subtitles

Download your translations as a subtitle file (WebVTT) or text file (TXT). You can also upload and import your own VTT to create voices with it.

Translate Your YouTube Video

Easily translate your YouTube video into any language. Expand your YouTube fan base by translating your videos and making your content available to a wider global audience.

Natural Sounding Voices

Translate your video with natural sounding voices. Over 600 voices are available.

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