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Create your own natural sounding voice overs from your text with Text-to-Speech. For YouTube, Explainer, Podcasts, Gaming Videos and more.

Reasons to use VoiceOverMaker

Create professional voice overs

Advanced video and audio (text to speech) editor

Manage your voice over videos or audio files in projects. Edit your videos in our modern voice over editor. Our video editor also allow time stretch. Customize speech with pitch and speech speed controls. Allow faster or slower speech. Add sound or accent to a selected word. You can even let the voice whisper or breathe.

Natural sounding voice

We convert text to natural sounding language. Using a powerful neural network, we produce first-class audio data. We support Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

Easy to use in your browser

Select your video (without upload) and enter your text directly below the video and a voice will be automatically generated.

Automatic translation

Automatically convert your voice over or text to speech in multiple languages. The automatic translation makes this possible with just one click.

Convert Text to Speech to MP3

You can save all text to speech you have created to MP3, WAV, MKV (Video)

Add Background Music

Add background music to your video or audio files using SSML tags.

Create ready to use YouTube Videos

Create voice overs for your YouTube videos. Explainer Videos, tutorials, screencasts and more. And save your video directly as MKV.

Create ready to use audio files

Voices for Games, DJ's, Blog or News articles.

Screen Recorder

You have the possibility to record a video (e.g. screencast) directly with your browser and create a voice over for it.

How to create a voice over with Voice­Over­Maker?

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Register for free

Just register for free and you can start creating a voice over for your video.

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Select your video and start

Select your video and start

Now you can simply select a video and use the timeline to easily place your text under your video. You don't even have to upload your video, it all works directly in your browser.

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Export your created voice over

Export your created voice over

You can now download your video including the voice overs. You can also download a single audio file.

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WaveNet technology

DeepMind conducted groundbreaking research on machine learning models to create languages that mimic human voices and sound more natural. This research will reduce the gap in human speech by more than 70%. VoiceOverMaker Text-to-Speech provides access to more than 150 WaveNet voices. More voices will be added over time.

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frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers.

How to convert speech to text?

You can not only convert text to speech (tts) but also can convert speech to text. From this generated text you can then create a natural sounding voice and use it in your voice overs.

How to convert text to speech?

Register and goto Create a project. When you have created a project, call up the project. then you can choose a video for which you want to create a voice over or you can create only an audio file. using text to speech (tts).

How can i convert text to speech to MP3 or WAV file?

In the editor window you have the possibility to download a single audio file or several audio files in a single file. Of course you can also download your video as WEBM which contains your generated voice over.

What is the best app for speech to text?

Of course the VoiceOverMaker is the best software to create voice overs with realistic text to speech for videos.

Do i need a microphone for the voice overs?

No, with VoiceOverMaker you do not need a microphone. You can create a voice from your text.

Does the generated voice sound like a robot voice?

No, forget about robotic text to speech, with our software and the AI speech synthesis, it is possible to create a very natural voice.

Can I create text to speech with VoiceOverMaker for free?

Yes, you can use VoiceOverMaker for free. You have up to 1200 characters, then you can top up your characters for a low price.

Do you support Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)?

Yes, VoiceOverMaker supports SSML. You can use SSML tags to add pauses, numbers, date and time formatting, and other commands for pronunciation.

How do i get different text to speech voices?

Goto the VoiceOverMaker editor and open the voice edit layer. In the language dropdown you can choose your favourite from 180 voices in over 30 languages. More will follow soon.

Simple and affordable prices

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70.000 characters
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35 €

350.000 characters
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