Terms and conditions

The VoiceOverMaker offers you (in the following called "user") the possibility to convert text to speech.

The general terms and conditions of use and business (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to the use of the services offered. The general terms and conditions that can be accessed on VoiceOverMaker.io at the time of use always apply.

Scope of application

  1. The VoiceOverMaker provides his services exclusively on the basis of these GTC. Other terms and conditions of a user are not accepted and therefore have no validity.

  2. By the registration of the user the GTC are agreed. In addition, the user agrees to be notified by e-mail in case of changes to the GTC. The user ensures that he can receive and retrieve the e-mails from the deposited e-mail address. The changes shall be deemed approved if the user does not object in writing or in text form within four weeks of publication. The VoiceOverMaker reserves the right to terminate the existing contract with the user at the time of the amended GTC coming into effect in case of a timely objection against the amended GTC. The user's data stored until then will be deleted from the database in a timely manner.

Registration / user account

  1. To use the VoiceOverMaker, the user has to register. During registration the user has to provide the requested data completely and correctly. For registration it is mandatory to use a valid e-mail address and a password. The used password has to be kept secret and must not be passed on to third parties. The user is responsible for the security of the password. Should the data provided during registration change, the user must change these changes immediately in his user account. A registration on VoiceOverMaker.io is only allowed once for each user.

  2. The registration is completely free of charge. By registering, a contract between the user and the VoiceOverMaker is concluded. The VoiceOverMaker reserves the right to refuse access without giving reasons or to deny/block access afterwards.

Licenses / Usage

  1. By registering, the user receives the non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the services of the VoiceOverMaker for the duration of the contract. The user has no claim to the uninterrupted availability of the services. Due to various events (e.g. hardware and software errors, updates etc.) there can be restrictions up to a total breakdown in the use of the VoiceOverMaker. The VoiceOverMaker reserves the right to limit or stop services temporarily or completely.

  2. The content and scope of the services is based on the description of the services on the website that is current at the time of the order.

  3. The VoiceOverMaker endeavours to provide its services with an availability of 99% in a calendar year. This calculation does not include the regular maintenance intervals. The scheduled maintenance intervals are usually carried out between 21:00 and 6:00 CET. Should it be necessary to interrupt access to the application outside of the aforementioned period, the user will be informed by a notice on the website.

Fees and costs / Characters usage

  1. All prices stated are final prices.

  2. The user can use the VoiceOverMaker for free, you have 800 chars for testing purposes.

  3. Only one account is permitted per customer. The user is not allowed to register with more than one e-mail address.

  4. After the free 800 characters, the user can purchase additional characters for the VoiceOverMaker service.

  5. All characters that the user creates for a voice, including those created with the preview, will be charged. Translations that the user can have generated automatically are also charged.

  6. The generated voices are deleted after 30 days if the project containing these voices has not been edited for 30 days. The user must then have these voices re-generated at the expense of his available characters.

  7. If the user has purchased characters from VoiceOverMaker, the user has 2 years to use them. If the user does not use them within these 2 years, the right to use the characters expires. In this case, the user will not receive a refund of the money already paid.

Run time

Cancellation / deletion

  1. The user has the possibility to terminate the service offered by the VoiceOverMaker. The given personal data will be deleted from the database promptly after the termination. To delete his user account, the user has to log in and delete his user account in the main menu by himself. The VoiceOverMaker is entitled to delete inactive user accounts of the accounts that contain only the free character, which were inactive for a period of 3 months.

  2. If the user deletes his account, all his characters will be forfeited and no money will be refunded.

  3. The right to terminate the contract without notice for good cause remains unaffected.Such a situation exists in particular if:

  • the customer repeatedly violates the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions,

  • an application for the opening of insolvency proceedings has been filed against the customer and such proceedings have been opened or rejected for lack of assets.

Security / blocking of user accounts

  1. VoiceOverMaker reserves the right, in case of violation of these terms and conditions or for other legitimate reasons, to prohibit its services to the user and to deny the user access to the VoiceOverMaker. Furthermore, the VoiceOverMaker has the right to demand an official and official proof from the user in case of doubts about the correctness of given information in order to guarantee the security on the platform.

Duties and liability of the user

  1. The user is obliged to provide all information and details truthfully.

  2. The user is solely responsible for the use of the services, the proper processing of his data and the results achieved.

  3. The user commits himself that the contractual use of the information, data and materials provided by him by VoiceOverMaker does not violate the rights of third parties.

  4. As a user, you are obliged to check your IT infrastructure, data and information for viruses or other harmful components before entering them and to use state-of-the-art virus protection programs for this purpose.

  5. The user is liable for all damages and legal consequences that VoiceOverMaker or its vicarious agents incur due to an abusive or illegal use of the portal

  6. The user himself is responsible for compliance with the storage obligations. He is also responsible for ensuring that his documents and data are lawful.

  7. If the user creates an audio file and/or uses it, he must ensure that no third-party rights are infringed. In doing so, he must obtain the relevant rights where necessary.


  1. Claims for damages against VoiceOverMaker are excluded regardless of the legal basis, unless we, our legal representatives or vicarious agents have acted with intent or gross negligence.

  2. If necessary, the liability of VoiceOverMaker for personal injury and due to mandatory legal regulations remains unaffected.

  3. VoiceOverMaker is not responsible for performance disruptions due to force majeure, especially the failure or overload of global communication networks. For this reason the customer cannot claim a reduction of his obligation to perform.

  4. VoiceOverMaker is not liable for the information published via its services. The sender is responsible for its correctness, completeness and topicality.

  5. The VoiceOverMaker is not liable for the loss of data in so far as the damage is due to the fact that the user has failed to comply with his legal storage obligations and therefore the lost data cannot be restored with reasonable effort.

  6. VoiceOverMaker is not liable for damages that may occur on the customer's side due to lack of security measures during data transmission.

  7. A possible liability for damages is limited to the amount of the annual fee. The liability for damages from data loss is limited to the amount that would have been incurred if the data had been properly backed up, but at most to the amount of the annual fee.

  8. The customer's claims for damages shall become statute-barred one year after they arise, notwithstanding the provision of § 202 BGB. This shortening does not apply if VoiceOverMaker has acted grossly negligent or with intent.

  9. The liability according to the product liability law remains unaffected.

Data protection

  1. Privacy is taken seriously at VoiceOverMaker because it is very important. You can find more information about data protection in the privacy policy.

Final provisions

  1. Should individual provisions of these terms of use be or become invalid in whole or in part, or should the contract contain loopholes, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

  1. German law applies. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship between the parties is Bielefeld, Germany.

Date: 01.11.2020