Videos on the website

Videos for your website attract more visitors, a text is quickly skimmed. Videos are watched longer, explanatory films like tutorials explain certain facts, products or services.

Explanatory film or image film on your website?

Videos for your website attract more visitors, a text is quickly skimmed. Videos are watched longer, explanatory films like tutorials explain certain facts, products or services. If your customers already have this basic information through the explanatory films, the informative image film is the extension. Shot in real images, the image film is presented, it is used to present your company to the customers. The level of trust to the presented company is further expanded by the image film. Both possibilities of the videos on your web page can be combined meaningfully, in order to inform the customers*innen and to bind to your enterprise. The competition is big, videos on your website are the visual bridge to your clientele. Many things take place behind closed doors, open the doors for your customers as much as possible. Digitally you become more transparent in this way, loyal customers appreciate this company transparency.

The written word or the descriptive video?

Written words can be remembered by the skilled reader, but those who read less often will remember a visual message from the video better and longer. Up to 80% conversion rate is possible when videos decorate your website. In combination with newsletters, explainer videos are a hit that hardly anyone can ignore. 24 hours a day your video is available on your homepage, it advertises you while you sleep. Explainer videos can trigger more questions, so you have more customer leads. Stories are the spice of life, pack exciting stories in your video and you will reach your target audience. It's hard to imagine modern marketing without social media, make sure your target audience doesn't run out of videos.

5 reasons to have videos on your website

  • Company portraits are the mirror for insider information that your customers need. Standing in front of closed doors is a deterrent for some consumers. Digitally, your special company portrait can bring a sustainable philosophy of the company closer. Successful image films facilitate the sale of your services or products. Comparable articles are sold by the competition at much lower prices? In an image film you can show that your sustainable actions have their price and that reasonable prices secure jobs.
  • Concentration on the essential, that is the basic problem in the explanatory film. Many questions of your customers are constant repetitions. With the explanatory film, the most frequent questions are explained clearly in the video, you relieve your customer service. And you save time for long explanations. More complicated services can be put together as an animated video in such a way that customers understand the whole thing straight away or can watch the animated video several times. Problem solving as a video is a focal point on your website that resonates with your viewers.
  • Increase recognition value through company colors, you have chosen certain colors for your company with the corresponding advertising slogan? With the video on your website you create the recognition value and generate more customers* if you reach the target group.
  • Pursue goals with your finished film, you can present videos with added value on your website if you know your video goal. Viewers not only want to be informed, but also entertained. If you manage the balancing act between amusing entertainment and factual information, the number of visitors to your website will increase over time.
  • Pages with videos are visited more often and longer than other websites. YouTube is the third most frequently visited site. If you want to generate more website visitors, upload a video to YouTube and use YouTube for better accessibility of your video presentations. Word will quickly spread about your performance potential, and new customer acquisition will take off. Seek and find the clientele you're looking for through YouTube videos that draw attention to your website.


Pleasant music, beautiful images and appealing language characterize your videos? Don't be disappointed if your video work doesn't get the feedback you want from clientele right away. It takes time to reach the right customers who appreciate your work. You can create the perfect video by thinking about the preferences of your target audience. Professional video productions for image films are more cost-intensive than animations for explanatory films. Event films, trade fair films, product videos with the product teaser, variety enlivens your video landscape.