Videos better than texts

Videos or texts, what is in the context of online marketing better for customers, ask the owners of a homepage.

Videos or texts, what is in the context of online marketing better for customers, ask the owners of a homepage. Video marketing in the form of short explanatory films is gaining importance on the Internet. The simple texts without video lose with some Usern at meaning, it is supplemented by videos. A clearly defined target group is essential if the video is to be successful. Sluggish sales figures, too few visitors on the homepage, that does not have to be the case. Such bottlenecks can be compensated by brilliant video.

As with television, interested Internet users watch what happens in the video. Reading and understanding texts does not go down equally well with everyone. In such cases, videos are better than texts, listening and watching is easier than concentrating on an article for a long time. As with learning at school, training or study, visual and acoustic interests come to the fore through marketing video. Potentials of the video message can be developed, as a bridge to customers who do not get along so well with the texts. Video content marketing is divided into explanatory films, advertising films, image films or information films. The different categories should not be pigeonholed. Advertising films do not only have an advertising message, they can have an entertaining character almost like a mini film and introduce new products. The service or the offered product is in the foreground, funny scenes arouse the curiosity of the users. Explanatory films or guidebook videos are reminiscent of school, they are more factual and have a higher information value than pure advertising videos with the short advertising messages.

What goes up more effectively?

Image films reflect the company's philosophy, and there is a wide range of possible applications for video production. Companies should appear in the right light to the customers, new introductions of companies or brand products are possible. The approach and the objective of the videos depend on the selected type of the planned video. Visual stories with acoustic background music reach the target groups better who have problems with the written text.

In the VLog video the director becomes the real actor. Animated video is the contrast to the real video in real time. Reading through a book is much more strenuous than listening to an audio book. It is similar with video marketing, it can be consumed almost incidentally without much effort. Language barriers due to lack of knowledge of a foreign language can be overcome visually by using colorful and moving images. In visual time-lapse, things are explained step by step, which are difficult to present textually without technical terms. Web Video Marketing is a special form of marketing in the world of the Internet. PR or sales messages are better remembered through the video. Additional incentives are created for specific target groups, which can hardly be reached with the texts.

The way to the video

The world is looking for entertainment, some online retailers have noticed. The traditional text focuses on content, while the video resembles a gripping motion picture. With the moving image a good search engine position can be achieved, movies reach more people than books and texts, for which more time must be invested in reading. Instructions in video tutorials are light in the labyrinth of "dry" textual operating instructions with technical Chinese. Video tutorials are more descriptive, can be fast-forwarded and rewound as often as desired to better understand the content. Internet-suitable video formats reach cell phone owners on the road, and the waiting time for the next bus is shortened with the video tutorial.

The time spent on the homepage is extended, a win-win situation for both sides. If the video is viewed several times, the video marketing has more success, the target group is narrowed down. All consumers cannot be reached with video marketing, the combination of video marketing and content in text form increases the chance to address as many users as possible. Even inventing a video spot awakens the creativity of each individual, in the social media area such messages become standard. Facebook offers an autoplay function, video clips are played automatically. The probability that the videos are viewed and shared reliably increases due to this function.


If videos are better than texts, fans of video marketing answer the question clearly with yes. Videos are more expensive to produce than texts, which leads to some Internet providers rejecting this form of presentation. The costs remain calculable, if the focus is put on content with verbal presentation and some moving pictures. VLog marketing is becoming more popular as video marketing, the focus can be on visual presentation with little acoustic text or on discreet images with more text for reading. The finished video can be used everywhere and multiple times, the costs of production pay off after the professional presentation in the form of more interest in the product or service as well as in the digital learning content that can be used on the move.