Telephone announcements with text to speech

Set acoustic signals with the telephone announcement, by means of text to speech

Setting acoustic signals with the telephone announcement

The native language or the regional accent, with the telephone announcement acoustic messages can be transported to the listener. The regional accent makes it clear to the caller that the voice quality is reminiscent of home. Customer relationships can be built in this way with the appropriate telephone greeting, Native Language voices offer different ways to reach clientele on the phone. Personal or business requirements, these are two sides for the individual design of the announcement on the answering machine. Emotionally appealing for private use or factually correct for corporate use, both are possible. Friends listen eagerly to the perfect VoiceOverMaker greeting in private or customers in business, companies and public institutions save time through automatic repetitions on the phone and pre-sorting of customer concerns over the phone. Text suggestions for the announcement can be cleverly designed, the high-value clientele listens eagerly.

Use waiting loops actively for more information?

Waiting times cannot always be avoided despite good organization. Creating announcements and using them to bridge the waiting time is the way out of the telephone crisis. International AI voice actors from VoiceOverMaker hit the desired tone to entertain those waiting casually or discreetly and to provide information about the company. VoiceOverMaker voice actors know exactly what is important for a targeted speech. All VoiceOverMaker announcements are stored in the cloud and can be retrieved at any time. VoiceOverMaker announcements are cost-effectively adapted to current needs, because customer wishes change regularly. The goal is to follow the trend of the times and turn conventional telephone announcements into professional announcements with authentic added value. The best announcements reach the ears of the choosy clientele; every customer is important and must be reached acoustically in an appropriate manner. People hardly ever hang up and the VoiceOverMaker announcement remains positively in their memory for a long time.

Being present in absentia through voice-over-service announcements?

In today's world, communication is the foundation for successful business transactions. Radio silence is the end of any business relationship,perfectly designed VoiceOverMaker announcements convey important information in German or in foreign languages. After the Internet, the telephone is one of the most popular ways to get in touch with each other. Call and at the other end of the phone line, in the absence of the employee, there is a digital VoiceOverMaker contact who knows the answer to the important questions. At times, the requests pile up at the companies, through the voice-over-service announcements, the customers are not turned away because of the crowded lines, they are acoustically perfectly caught. In most cases, the first impression of the VoiceOverMaker announcement decides whether the callers want further contacts or test the competition. With the production of the answering machine announcements, valuable contacts can be established and maintained with the new and the existing customers. The level of VoiceOverMaker announcements on the phone can be optimized from a technical and strategic point of view, and the clientele is reached in a targeted manner while on hold.

A charming dialect as a service solution?

While the charming dialect goes down well with the clientele in Bavaria, other customers prefer the businesslike announcement in a brilliant High German. Every external impression of the company is reflected positively or negatively by the VoiceOverMaker announcement, especially with new customers. on the phone. Microphones from cell phones are often accompanied by distracting background noise and hardly come into consideration for the presentation of the perfect announcement on the phone. Professional AI-speakers inside always greet the clientele friendly, by the melodic voices with the professional content pleasant moments are created. Customer acquisition and retention cannot do without melodic informative announcement moments. Unsuccessful call attempts without a suitable contact increase the probability that it was the last customer contact and the clientele will switch to the competition.

Accessibility as a decisive priority

Customers from Germany and abroad have questions and are looking for contact with the company. Acoustic reachability through a melodious telephone announcement around the clock has emerged as a decisive priority when direct contact is not possible for a limited period of time. For customer loyalty, the answering machine is an important tool in the digital age. Calling outside normal business hours, callers feel they are not being taken seriously. With the perfect acoustic indication by an experienced AI speaker, customers feel the added value of the company. Employees on the line are relieved when the answering machine helps those waiting on the phone pass the time with relevant information. Standard inquiries about current availability can be placed on the phone with a high-quality announcement so that customers feel well looked after by the company.

Long announcement texts or short texts on the answering machine?

With long announcement texts, the clientele becomes fewer over time, because they switch to the competition with the time-saving short announcement. The length of the announcement says nothing about the value of the information, less is more, an information density of the announcements finds in short texts by experienced speaker the looked for place. If you don't like short announcements, you can hire VoiceOverMaker professionals to turn the existing long text into a crisp announcement. Finding the right balance of time and summarizing a wealth of information in a concise text is something that professional speakers can do after the VoiceOverMaker digital voice selection.

Memorable telephone announcements as a trademark?

The recognition effect of catchy telephone announcements is a trademark that can be developed together with VoiceOverMaker professionals. Like a common thread, the acoustic telephone announcement runs through the conversation and leaves its mark. Acoustic branding is a discipline that becomes more important in VoiceOverMaker announcements marketing. Music archives offer GEMA-free music titles that become catchy telephone melodies. In the fast-paced digital age, the sound of the phone lets customers know they haven't dialed the wrong number and may be waiting at the wrong company for nothing. Music sets acoustic company signals, the overdose or underdose of the text announcement on the answering machine must be avoided. In high definition standards, the desired music titles are delivered in a quality that is well received by customers. Telephone songs have many facets, the professionals help the companies to hit the right note as a memorable melodic trademark so that the clientele recognizes the tone.


Dead lines or no connection at this phone number, this must be avoided for success-oriented companies. VoiceOverMaker announcements fill answering machines with new life, the mixture of the selected voice, the content of the telephone message and the catchy melody are adapted to the product being sold. Reaching employees immediately is important, if the phone lines are overloaded, well-dosed information with a light musical background becomes a VoiceOverMaker distinctive sign that waiting customers value. Subjectively, waiting time is perceived as shorter when the announcement text is appealing, informative and melodic. Presenting a customer-friendly VoiceOverMaker announcement mix with the desired and concise information for the customized waiting loop is the acoustic door opener to new customers and the melodious link to existing customers.