Difference between Vlog and Voice-Over Video

VLogging is in the absolute trend. Exciting stories arise from your own VLog.

Voice-Over Videos - better than a VLog?

VLogging is in the absolute trend. Exciting stories are created with your own VLog. The narrator of the story films himself and the atmosphere of the storyteller is relaxed. Vlogging eliminates any stage directions and makes a Vlog so interesting.

To stand in front of the camera as an actor and at the same time direct VLog is not for everyone. For such cases, voice-over videos with background commentary are a sensible alternative. Without appearing in the video itself, it is possible to become acoustically active as an invisible narrator. Inexperience is one of the reasons why the appearance in front of the camera is out of the question for most users. The "invisible" narrator only has to dare to come out of hiding when the right time has come. This arouses the curiosity of the audience, who at some point want to know what the invisible narrator really looks like.

Publish information as voice-over videos?

Invisible reporters are used in Voice-Over Videos, the focus is on the content of the video, not on the personal appearance. Usually, the video starts with an introduction to the topic, followed by the main part with a wide range of tension, which in the best case leads to the solution of the problem.

Travelogues, reviews of a book or an online course, a tutorial with practical information for better learning, the possibilities to design the content are manifold. Putting the content of the story into text format is one of the first steps. For the extra film material, pictures or scenes are collected that fit the current text as a welcome relief. The other way round is also possible, the text is no longer the center of attention, it is the complement to brilliant travel photos and serves as a kind of "background music".

  • Two variants with Voice-Over Videos:*
  • Text as focus and some pictures as supplement.
  • The photos as focus and the text as supplement.

These two units are combined depending on the focus on the text or on the pictures in the voice-over video. Like an exciting or informative report, the text or video story is created. Which photos are needed for the text-oriented reportage becomes clear after writing the text.

Display reports about the journey as VLogger?

Normal everyday life becomes a filler for the VLog, ultimate guides can be published authentically with the presentation of the Vlogger. Vloggers report live, they present the whole thing as a personal scene with their own presentations. Online VLog portals are spreading just like blogger portals on the Internet. Developing high quality video content costs time and money, without much effort, Vloggers shoot on their own. Purpose and target group must be defined before creating a vlog to avoid flops. Vlogs with added value are aimed at a specific group interested in the topic of Vlogger. Perfectionism kills one's own creativity, the vlogger is the neighbor next door without the urge for perfectionism, but with a wealth of ideas. The most expensive technical equipment for premium quality does not have to be available, in an emergency the Vlogger cell phone is sufficient. A script with the script is rarely used by Vloggers. They move into the visual foreground of the video presentation and inspire your fans with everyday things. Brilliant ideas with the spontaneous self-presentation are the focus. Every Vlog lives from content, technical details take a certain place, the content is the key to Vlog success. Day after day, an abundance of vlogs are uploaded to the net. Entertaining, advising, casually teaching or informing, a clear Vlogger line is the bridge to the target group. Frustration or joy, life holds surprises of all kinds. Those who share their experiences with others become hobby psychologists and can "comfort" others. Interviews are another way to become active as a Vlogger. "How-to-do" Vlogs show, for example, on site how the delicious cake is made in the Vlogger's own kitchen. Travel Vlogs are becoming a hit. Anyone who wants to travel will look at the travel Vlog from the destination with the impressions of the Vlogger with interest. Jokes are made in Vlogs as another Vlog version, people are fooled within the legal limits, laughter is the desired applause. "Try not to laugh" Vlogs are the opposite, as long as possible people should not laugh despite funny scenes. Just-talk vlogs give free rein to the flow of the vlogger's speech, get everything off your chest, entertain others skillfully. Reaction Vlogs are the consequence of Just-Talk-Vlogs, the communication avalanche starts rolling with the Vlogs.


Travel Vlogs, just Talk stories, conversation with reaction Vlogs or How- to do Vlogs, Vloggers rarely sleep, like to be in front of the camera because they are communicative. Less attention is needed by the journalistic writer of the voice-over videos with the voice commentary. Like on the radio, voice-over videos transport the message by voice and are illustrated with photos or animations. Voice-over videos are not better than vlogs, but more discreet. To show the own person is less important with voice-over videos, the message of the video message is in the foreground. Depending on the target group, the transmission of information can benefit from voice-over videos, possible distractions caused by the activities of the emotional Vlogger are cleverly avoided.