Add videos to your website

Videos on your website should not be missing in your everyday Internet life. Small, medium and large companies benefit from a longer stay of digital visitors on the website.

Therefore a video should not be missing - 5 reasons

Videos on your website should not be missing in your everyday Internet life. Small, medium and large companies benefit from a longer stay of digital visitors on the website. Trends on the Internet are presented vividly by your videos, the users are not bored. Video content marketing is an eye-catcher that everyone likes to use, you surely do too, don't you? In the foreground are five advantages that will convince you:

Reason 1: Content is King

Content is King says a proverb that you surely know. The question is, which content is best received by your customers. If the customer overlooks the text, the visual video message is not so easy to overlook. Videomarketing is your bridge to the customers who are left without videos on the "dry text". Moving images ensure that customers can swim with you on your trend wave and receive brilliant impressions. Your conversions and sales are increased when your suitable video impulses reach the customers. Audio-visual advertising messages resonate with your customers for a long time. Christmas presentations become a hit with the right musical and visual background. Internet visitors interested in literature react positively to pure text, all others need audio-visual stimuli to better understand the content. Content is king, video marketing addresses your customers specifically via video message.

Reason 2: Video marketing and the costs

Attractive lighting effects, the perfect cut, acoustic sounds, visual graphics and web design as well as the fine cut cost money. The post-production of the video marketing elements cost extra money. Per day can cost you several Euros and more. Vlog videos are the cheaper way out of your cost crisis, they are shot with your own cell phone. It looks authentic, sit in front of your smartphone camera and announce the advertising message, it saves your budget. Presenting professionally costs much more money than using the social media feeling to convey the message yourself via video.

Reason 3: Viral video with the advertising message

Your successful online content spreads rapidly as viral video. Almost automatically, your video content is shared and distributed via social networks. Addressing users directly increases the viral video distribution rate, if someone found something funny, they share it with their friends. Use the influence of your fans to set the fast and time-saving viral video transport path in motion. The vitality of a video only shows after production, often your videos become a hit even though nobody believed in them before.

Reason 4: Support videos as a cost-saving measure

Customers have questions to the support team around the clock, many repetitions are involved. With the support videos, permanent questions are forwarded to the appropriate support video location. Video tutorials or support videos explain difficult content more easily, so that constant questions are avoided. If the customer does not understand something, he can watch your support video as often as he wants. Your telephone support is relieved, tricks for the correct handling of the device are clearly presented in the support video. Providing your knowledge about relevant questions is no problem with the support videos.

Reason 5: Recruiting videos against the shortage of skilled workers

There is a lack of skilled workers in the system-relevant professions, recruiting videos are used to counter the shortage of skilled workers. Your personnel search gets a completely new face, you don't search anymore, you find what you need. The recruitment process can be shortened considerably with the Recruiting Video. Personnel marketing becomes more efficient, costs are reduced because your Recruiting Video is used more than once. Candidates who are looking for a job will hardly be able to avoid your Recruiting Video because it has your exclusive touch.


You can address potential applicants via video, video marketing lives from the interaction of different types of content. Video marketing has at least five plus points, calls to action are loosely integrated into the video. Your customers can simply follow the call to action and make purchases or use your services. The length of time they stay on your website is almost automatically increased by the length of the video. With video marketing you can become more successful in many areas, this is possible for you with the popular moving images. Mobile devices overtake desktop computers, with video marketing you can change the track.